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Juicy Panties & Sweaty Socks
buy my worn panties..

Would you like to own a pair of my worn panties? I will wear a pair (you can choose the style) of panties, knickers, or socks for 24 hours. If your a true panty lover or have a huge foot fetish, I offer panty & sock packages. I offer panties with cum in them or panties with pee in them. You can put a collection of my used cum filled panties on your wall. Maybe even sew one to your pillowcase(or I can do it for you) so you can lay your head and smell my sweet pxssy scent every night. Store them in your drawer & wake up in sniff them every morning like fresh coffee. Lick the lining like icing. If your super kinky you can try them on. Yu can even use them during our phone sex conversations. 

As soon as I’m done wearing them, I will seal them in a zip lock bag and send them to you with a photo of me wearing them as proof 🙂


  •  Panties $65
  • Panties with me cumming multiple times in them are $75
  • Panties with pee $100

1 month panty package

Panty package includes 1 wet panty worn for 24 hours weekly. Photos included.

  • Panty worn with cum $220
  • Panty without cum $200
  • Panty with pee $280


Have a feet fetish? Wouldn’t you love to sniff my inducing sweaty feet? I will wear a pair of socks for 24 hours for you. If desired, I can work out in them for you & make them sweaty. When I’m done I will seal it in a zip lock bag and send you a picture of me wearing them.

  • Sock $40
  • Sweaty socks $50

 1 month sock package 

Sock Package includes 1 worn sock weekly. Photos included.

  • Worn sock $100
  • Workout sock $140

1 month Panty & sock combo package

Panty & sock combo package includes 1 panty & sock worn for 24 hours sent to you once weekly.

  • Masturbated panty & sweaty socks $300
  • Panty without cum & socks without sweat $250
  • Panty with cum & socks without sweat $275
  • Panty without cum & sweaty socks $275


If you have other freaky kinks or any special request please contact me, I’m open minded. Also if you would like a pair of panties with piss added to any of my packages that can be well arranged, just contact me.

Making Payments

To make a payment all you have to do is email me at [email protected]

Accepting payments through cash app


Accepting payments through paypal