I write sex stories. My favorite project right now is the Nutty Professor, I will be turning into a book in 2019. I have fairytale sex stories such as Goldilocs & the 3 dxcks. Also insest stories such as Daddy’s little girl. You can access each part of my sex stories for $2. If you have a special request for a story line or characters, that can be arranged for $5 per part.

Example: The nutty professor PART 1
I can’t believe I got another F on my sex education test! Especially when I have so much chemistry with the professor. I can tell he likes me by the way his cock jumps in his pants with just a mere look at my breast and ass. My pxssy gets wet looking at his chest muscles pop, and his rock hard abs under his linen collar shirts. I decided I would have a private meeting with him after class ends. I remained in the classroom after all the students left. “Can I help you” the professor asked. I ignored his question, walked over to the door closed and locked it. Made my way across the room to pull down the blinds. He watched me as I completed my task. Confused on why I was doing this but mesmerized by my ass jiggling as I walked back and fourth. I sat on his cold desk as I sucked on a blow pop. He looked at me from bottom to the top. He looked from my louis Vuitton heels, up my fishnet stockings, till he fixated his eyes in between my pink and white plaid skirt. “I’m sorry I received a F on my orgasm test, because truthfully I never had an orgasm before.” “I’m a better learner through experience.” I took my lollipop and rubbed it on his earlobe and begin gently sucking the professor earlobe. I pulled away and we stared deeply and sexually into each other eyes. In continuance, I rubbed my lollipop across his lips. I took my tongue and licked his lips. The professor lustfully grabbed me by my hair and started kissing me like a loco(crazy) person as he laid my body down on the desk. He started ripping at our clothes. He started with unjamming his belt and unzipping his pants. Next, he snatched off my pink panties so hard, I thought they were going to rip. He pulled out his cock and rubbed his tip on my clitoris gently in circles. As my pxssy got wet, he jammed his fat 9 inch dxck inside me and starting fxcking me hard. In between fxcking me hard, he would pause than smack his heavy dxck on my pxssy. I never felt so much aggression during sex and I loved it. It felt like a burning desire that was finally unleashed. I felt my pxssy tighten up on his juicy cock, and my body lock up…just before my body explodes…knock, knock, knock on the classroom door